Polka dots!


My daughter in law is nail polish crazy so I gave her a bunch of nail polishes, brushes and a dotting tool. She’s done my nails a few times now and they are so freaking cute, I just have to post pictures!

The paper airplanes were so adorable and lasted almost 10 days. The pale lavender is #225 Gorgeous Surprise by KleanColor. The black is plain old Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine in Black Creme(best black polish ever.) The white is also from KleanColor which is great for dotting but is positively sucktastic if you just want to paint it on your nails.

The yellow and white polka dot theme is done with Pure Ice in Platinum for the ring finger and Pure Ice Unzip Me is the yellow. That’s about 4 coats of the yellow. It’s very sheer. They’re dotted with the KleanColor white and the yellow dots (on the white nails) is an OPI colour from a limited edition set but I forget the name. I thought they came out really cute.

Base coat is Sally Hansen Diamond Shine which I love for its shine and it dries really fast.
Top coat is Seche Vite Dry Fast which is the absolute BEST fast dry top coat ever. You cannot screw up your manicure using this. It dries hard within 10 minutes. You could seriously bang your nails on the door jamb and not put a dent in the polish.

KleanColor and Pure Ice are really cheap polishes that last a really long time and they have good brushes. I’ll never understand why Zoya is $8 a bottle with the crappiest brushes ever. I love their colours but I hate the brushes so much, I hardly ever buy them. I bought a dozen shades of KleanColor on eBay for around $15 bucks and for real, the colour lasts forever without chipping or peeling and it doesn’t bubble. You should definitely give those a shot.

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  1. She did her own with this awesome mid-tone creme green polish. She did white as the main colour with green dots and one on each hand green with white dots. It was actually way cuter than the yellow and white.

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