All dressed up…


With no place to go. I needed a polish change, something different from the sunny polka dots, so I went all dark and sparkly. Kinda reminds me of New Years. What do you think?


Base coat is Sally Hansen Diamond Shine
Top coat is Seche Vite Dry Fast
Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine in Black Creme 424A
OPI Liquid Sand in Can’t Let Go which I got in January’s GlossyBox
Milani Nail Art in Art of Silver 702

The picture was taken before I added the top coat so you could see that the OPI Liquid Sand is matte. While I like the colour, I’m not sure I like the polish. I made it shiny with the top coat and it looks way better. I don’t think I would wear this one very often. I do like matte polish but this one is very rough and it’s got glitter pieces in it that want to lift. I don’t know how you could wear it without a top coat without it flaking off everywhere. I’m pretty sure getting it off is going to be a righteous bitch.

I’m sure I’ll be changing this soon. It seems kind of formal to me.

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  1. I’ve had my OPI on for about a week now with no flaking so it probably won’t. When you mentioned it on my blog I double checked and it does feel a little rough to me. I didn’t notice it was matte when I put it on but it was the morning after my surgery at 6am so yeah…
    I’m taking it off tonight, I”ll let you know. 😀

  2. I don’t think it will flake, it just feels like it. It’s mostly rough at the free edge where I didn’t get a lot of the seche vite on so I keep rubbing the edge of my nails cuz I’m all ocd like that. It really is a nice colour and with the top coat it’s mega sparkly. Ooooo shiny!

    • EASIEST EVER sparkle polish to remove. I soaked each hand in polish remover for about 5 minutes. One swipe over each nail took off almost everything with the exception of a few sparkles… I used one more cotton ball to remove the rest and clean up my messy fingers. Anything that was left, I scraped off with a finger… barely had to scrape.. so so so easy!

    • Yup, me too! I’m putting on Liquid Vinyl by China Glaze tomorrow but I’m using a HEAVY black sparkle on my accent nails. Getting ready for our hot date. Getting up early so that I can sit there for 2 hours and let them dry.. that’s where MY OCD comes into play. I can’t move for 90 to 120 minutes after I paint my nails…. except to run outside to carefully smoke 😉

      • Really? You use seche vite too, don’t you? That stuff dries my nails rock hard within half an hour….more like 15 minutes really.

  3. Oh I think my nails ARE dry after about 20 minutes but my OCD doesn’t let me move for an hour… I sit and watch an entire tv show on my DVR and then I can move… LOL

  4. So, where do I find this KleanColor polish? I’d love to give it a whirl. I’m not usually toooo picky on how long color lasts, as long as it goes over a week. I try and change weekly. I’m gonna grab that wet n wild black next time I’m at Walgreens or Walmart.
    I try to avoid polishes at Walgreens because I get stuck at the essie shelf and end up walking out with 3 new colors that are too similar to ones that I already have. 😉

  5. ebay. It’s like $15 some-odd dollars for 12 of them. Cheaper if you buy it in larger quantities.

    The white sucks. The black isn’t bad. The sapphire one (not neon, the regular) stains your nails big time but I have about 35 of the colours and pretty much all of them are really nice. They last a long time. They have a bit of a stronger odor than high end polish but that doesn’t bother me.

    • Gonna go check it out now. Another question though, how easy is it to remove with regular polish remover? Sometimes the ones that last a long time are a BITCH to remove.

      • I have no problem with it. They have lots of glitters and those are a bitch because, well, glitter is a bitch. But the regular polishes are easy. I use one of those pretty nails jars with the sponge in it and it comes off easy.

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