I had to do my own nails because my personal, unpaid manicurist, aka my daughter-in-law, had to go and have a baby and left me to my own devices. They’re cute. I really love the fuchsia pink colour.



One pic is blurry and one pic is shadowed. Blame it on Bill, he took them for me. This is a shiny, creme pink that I made matte before I painted on the black and polka dots. I really, really, really love how it looks matte. And I love the China Glaze mattefier (not a word but work with me here) because it leaves no rough feeling like matte polishes do.

Base coat is Sally Hansen Diamond Shine
Pink is Kleancolor Wild Rose #127
Black is Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine in Black Creme 424A
The matte topcoat is China Glaze Matte Magic
White is Nyx Girls in White #149

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