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May Lip Factory Box


My favourite box came today, Lip Factory! (Referral #27546) Hooray! I look forward to this box every month. They hardly ever issue spoilers so it’s always a surprise to me. I like everything in this month’s box.


Nyx Color Lip Balm in Arigato $5.35 — This smells and tastes fantastic. Kind of fruity. It’s got a nice, subtle coral colour.
NYX Round Lip Gloss in #05 Sparkle $3.85 — I love the colour…just a hint of shimmery pink. It has teeny glitter flecks so it’s mega-shiny but the glitter does stay behind when the gloss starts to wears off. No taste or scent.
Studio 277 Lip Gloss in Almost Nude $9.50 — This one is almost colourless but it has just enough of a tint to look really nice. No taste or scent.

Studio 277 Eyelight Pigments in Kryptonite $12.50 — I’ll give it a try but I prefer matte eye shadows.
Be A…Bombshell Blush in Glowing Goddess $16 — Great colour for me. This will go with my other 2 BaB blushes I got from other subscription boxes.
Flat Sponge Blender Brush $2.00 — I don’t have one of these and I think I might like it.
PureCeuticals Kukui Nut Mineral Scrub sampler ($40 for 1.7 oz full size)

Here are some swatches:

Total value: $49.20. This is a quite a bit less than past boxes have been worth but it’s still twice as much as I paid so it’s all good.




I got my new Lip Factory box (referral #27546) today and once again, I love it.


Two Cosmetics Duo eye shadow in Magic Wand $6.99
LA Splash Nail Polish in Atlantis $3.99
Ofra Lip gloss in Bordeaux $12.95
29 Cosmetics D’Vine Mascara in Devine Brown-Dark brown/black $26
Lisi Line and Define automatic liner pencil in Tornado $4.90
Sweetpea & Fay J’adore Les Levres in Mermaid Kiss $7.99
extra: MD Formulations facial cleanser sample

The nail polish is an awesome glittery purple colour. I’ll be using this soon.
The eye shadows are a really nice purple. One is shimmery one is matte. I use purple shadows because they’re really nice for hazel eyes. I tend toward matte shades now because I’m old and old chicks don’t do shimmers very well.
The liner is a gorgeous purple. I dislike black liner because I think it’s harsh and it’s way too easy to go from subtle to hooker with black liner. I love this purple and I definitely will use it.

I normally use brown/black mascara so I’m happy the 29 is brown/black. It’s pretty rare for a sub box to send anything other than black. I love the silver metal case too.
The Ofra lip gloss has a nice formula and it smells great. Unfortunately, it makes me look like I’ve eaten 10 lbs of blueberries…or died. It’s way too dark for me and the purple tone reminds me of goth lipstick. It’s not a colour for me.
The Sweetpea is bright pink, looks, smells and tastes like bubblegum. It’s also thick and chalky and doesn’t apply fluidly. It’s package is like Blistex. You squeeze through a hole in the top which makes application difficult. If I can’t find someone who likes these colours, I often use several shades of lipstick together. Both of these might work well as a highlight for other lipsticks I like.
I always like to try the foil packet samples I just wish they weren’t so small.

Total value of this box is $62.82. The total value of the things I like and will use is $41.88 which is $20 more than I paid so I’m totally happy with this box. Lip Factory is still my favourite sub.

New boxes and bitching


I got my last Nail Art Society box today. I cancelled on the 5th of this month before they could charge me for next month. You have to cancel by emailing them as there’s no way to do it on their site. Imagine my surprise when I got an email confirming my credit card was billed for next month. I was pissed. I emailed them twice more and left a phone message. I went on their facebook page and bitched. While there, I discovered I wasn’t the only one complaining about being charged after cancellation. Dirty rat bastards. After 4 days of hounding them, I finally got refunded and they claimed to have deleted my information but I’m not feeling relieved. We’ll see what happens next month.

My reasons for cancelling are simply that I have too many subs and I’m not sure I think this one is worth the money. April’s box just barely hits the $9.95 cost.


I got a Kiss Nail Artist Kit which I like and while I already have a couple of these, I don’t have these specific colours so I’m happy for this.
–Stop Beauty Products nail string tape in aqua…I have 9 bazillion nail tapes in a ton of different colours. It’s incredibly cheap on ebay so this isn’t something I need.
–Beauty Art nail glue…I just ran out of nail glue and even though I hardly ever use it, it’s good to have some around.
–A clear box with 12 kinds of plastic nail art bows…I’m not a fan of 3D nail art and totally not a fan of putting plastic junk on my nails. I do, however, like the plastic box they came in because it might be handy to put some of my glitters in so I can see a bunch at once instead of digging out individual pots.

The Kiss kit retails for about $7.99 at CVS. The rest of this stuff might be worth two bucks. Meh.

I also decided to try Beauty Army. It’s $12 a month, you can skip months without cancelling your account and I have a couple of friends who seem to like it. You get to pick 6 products so you know what you’re getting and you have total control over what you get. I like the concept so I figured I give it a go.


New York Streets Dry Shampoo I love dry shampoo. I had just run out so I was very happy to see this in my list of choices. It’s full size and it smells awesome! I like it. It retails for $10+ on Amazon.
Yes To Carrots Body Butter It’s a sample packet.It smells really good.
-Whip Hand Cosmetics loose pigment eyeshadow in Medal Of Honor…this is a seriously teeny little bottle. It’s a high shimmer shadow and I’m too old for shimmery shadows so I gave it to Amber. It’s a nice colour.
MARK Scanda-lash Hook up Mascara in Brownout. I like mascara so I’ll be trying this soon.
AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion I already use this lotion and I love it. I like this little 2 oz portable size.
Skinn Cosmetics Color Touch Eye, Cheek and Lip Glow in Teen Tone…I absolutely LOVE this colour. I wouldn’t use it for lips or eyes but it’s a gorgeous, perfect shade for me. It’s a creme not a powder which makes me love it all the more. This is also a full size product.

Here are some close-ups of the colours and a comparison of the eye shadow size to a coke bottle cap.


I definitely think this is worth the $12 cost and I’ll keep an eye on them to see if they have stuff I want every month.



I got my Ipsy box and the $1.95 try-it box from Conscious Box today. Ipsy made me happy, Conscious Box made me go “WTF!”


The cute pink & white Ipsy bag contained:

Sation Nail Lacquer in Love At First Byte, a sheer peachy colour. I like it.
Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder I don’t know about this stuff. I’m going to have to research how to use it. I assume it’s like dry shampoo only loose powder.
Be A… Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks. This is a great colour for me.
Two Cosmetics Eye Shadow Duo in Heartache. Pink colours, one matte, one shimmer. I might like this.

There were only 4 products this month which is on the light side for the Ipsy bags but the last couple of months have seen less than the normal amount of products. It’s still worth the $10 I pay so it’s all good.

Next up is Conscious Box. I read on Makeup Talk board about the $1.95 try-it special so I figured I’d give it a go. What a pile of crap. For real. There’s a couple of things in here that I might use but seriously, I would never ever ever pay $20 a month for this. I assume their demographic is the earthy, crunchy, tree-hugger, vegan, vegetarian, organic, all natural, bark and twig eating types. Bleh.

Safonique Lavender Sea laundry detergent…I’ll use this.
Health Force Nutritionals Vitamineral Green 5.2…WTF? It’s some kind of powder. I have no idea what you would do with it. It says, and I’m not kidding, “Foundational, full spectrum, hard-core, alkaline, therapeutic, whole food bio-nutritive superfood complex for the entire body.” There is a list of about 30 ingredients including things like Nettle Leaf, Horsetail Sweetgrass, Amla Berry, Chlorella, BladderWrack, Alpha-Galactosidase and about 15 more. Once again I ask you…WTF?
Lafes deodorant stick…It’s one of those mineral rock deodorant things. I’ll stick with Secret Flawless.

Qspeed…this is CoQ10. 100mg. It says delicious orange-flavored tablets that dissolve in your mouth. I don’t know what CoQ10 does and I have no plans to eat this.
MRM 100% All Natural Whey in Rich Vanilla…it says it’s a dietary supplement. I say WTF.
Earthrise Spirulina Natural Green Superfood for Longevity 6 tablets (one day supply)…Let’s just say I’d rather die young than eat crap I have no clue what it is.
Organic Food Bar Chocolate Covered Active Greens…I don’t know what an active green is but hey, it’s covered in chocolate! How bad can it be? Bad. Really really really bad. It smells like dirty socks and it tastes like a combo of prunes, grass, a fuckton of brown sugar and what I imagine cow shit might taste like.

Seventh Generation Mandarin Refreshing Facial Cleansing Cloths (1 cloth)…Oooo! A brand I recognise! I’ll use these.
Totlogic Body Lotion…I assume with the name TOTlogic, it’s for kids although it says it’s “for the entire family. It’s lotion. I know what lotion is so I’ll probably use it.
Celestial Seasonings Blackberry Pomegranite Green Tea…Oooo! Another product I recognise! I’ll give this to Amber. She loves flavoured teas.
Coromega Omega 3+D Squeeze Tropical Orange…It says it supports bone, cardiovascular and immune health. Lovely. However, it’s some kind of liquid jelly type thing that you eat from a spoon. Just no. Really. No.

Peter Rabbit Organics-Banana and apple 100% pure fruit snack…I think this is some kind of puree that one drinks like a smoothy. I also think this is baby food.
Nurture Me Plump Peas Dried Organic Babyfood…I’ll give it to Chrissy. Maybe she’ll be brave enough to feed it to my grandbaby girl when she’s old enough to eat.

This box also came with 90000 flyers and literature for the products. The Health Food Nutritionals flyer makes me really want to eat straight up bacon fat and sticks of butter…at least I know what’s in that. I’d rather die than be healthy if that’s what it would take to live forever.

The Totlogic sheet lists some of its other products…Barklogic – a flea & tick product for dogs, Licelogic and Bedbuglogic. This company creeps me the fuck out. Seriously.

I would never deliberately put in my body 99% of the stuff in this box. Being healthy tastes like ass, makes you rub rocks on your underarms, feed your baby c-rations and pureed smoothies, slather yourself in lice lotion and eat unrecognisable green powder with bladderwrack in it. Oh hell no. Bring on the bacon fat. I’d rather die young, fat and happy.

My last Glossybox (maybe)


Glossybox keeps annoying me in small ways. I have no idea why they roll out shipments in dribs and drabs. I hate it that some people get theirs before others. I don’t get the point in shipping that way. And the customer service was just plain bad. I got to the point where I was kind of afraid that they had my credit card info. I cancelled for February for two reasons: 1. Sucktastic customer service. 2. It was a shitty box with nothing I might use.

I got sucked back in for the March box because they sent me a promo code for an eyeliner which included a spoiler for the Modelco Cheek & Lip Tint. It retails for $24+ and that covers the box cost and then some. Also, I understand that gb has stepped up their customer service from horrible to less horrible. In the end, it turns out March is a good box. Glossybox is $22 per month.



Elite Models liquid eyeliner in Matt Brown – $15.00. I’m going to try it but I’m scared of liquid eyeliner. I’m like a T-Rex having a seizure when it comes to that type of thing.

Modelco Cheek & Lip Tint in Rosy Red – $27.31 on Amazon. I’m happy for this mostly to try on my lips.

Pixi Glow Lid Last Shadow Pen in Shell Sheen – $11.99 on Amazon. It’s got a lot of shine and sparkle which is never a good thing for old chicks like me. I might try it under my eyebrows as a brow definer.

Prestiche Essential Oil Bar Soap in Yin Yang – $17.99. It smell like eucalyptus which reminds me of Vick’s Vapour Rub. Um, just no. On top of that, I don’t like bar soap. They’re messy. I’ll see if one of the kids wants this.

Sebastian Shaper Fierce Hair Spray – $2.10 ($14.35 full size 10 oz on Amazon.) I like Sebastian products and I really need a new hairspray so I’m happy for this.

Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Flinch – $20.63. This was the promo item. On the site it’s called a charcoal grey but it’s actually brown with a grey hue. It’s a hard, dry pencil and I can tell it will be a bitch to get on. I’ll give it a try; maybe I’m wrong. I wish I had used the code to get the lipstick instead.

The only item that wasn’t full size is the Sebastian hair spray which is a deluxe sample at 1.5 oz. There is also a $40.00 gift certificate to use on the Prestiche website. There are several types of items that go for $40 or under but shipping is $12…no matter what you buy. A single soap is $18 with $12 shipping. Ridiculous! If anyone wants this certificate, let me know and I’ll send it to you.

The value of just the product is $95.02. If you add in the gift certificate, that brings the overall value to $135.02. My $22 turned into $95.02. You just can’t beat these subscription boxes for their value. Depending on what I see for April spoilers, this might not really be my last box. I just keep getting sucked in.

It’s all about the lips


It’s sad I don’t have any but it doesn’t stop me from loving lipstick though!

I got my Lip Factory box today! Yippee! It was late for me this month but well worth the wait. I still say Lip Factory has the best subscription box out there. It’s consistently good. Every box I’ve gotten has exceeded the previous ones in quality and usefulness. I really, really love this box. They do an all lip products box once every 3 or 4 months otherwise it’s usually a mix of all types of makeup.

It’s $22 a month but each box well exceeds the cost. I figure the total worth of this box is $79.50 So yeah, if you’re going to subscribe to just one cosmetic box, this is the one you want. If you do, please use my referral number! 27546

This box contained all full-size products plus a lip brush and a sample of Dermalogica renewal lip complex.
Nabi Lip Pencil in L31 Mauve ($8.95 on Amazon)
Lip Factory brand Lip Brush
Korres Liquid Lipstick in #28 Raspberry ($22)
I love all of these! I can’t wait to try them.

Designer Skin Lip Shimmer in Afterglow ($9.99 on Amazon)
LaSplash Diamond Lip Gloss in #14092 Forbidden ($6.99)
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in #709 Deep Red ($4.50)

I Am thrilled with the first two. The Afterglow is an amazing colour. Even though it looks very light, it’s highly pigmented and semi-opaque. I love it. The LaSplash is a really nice colour for me. The NYX, however, is red…a brick red for sure…but it’s red. I cannot wear red lipstick. I’m sad about this because I’ve seen that other ladies have gotten colours that would be way more appropriate for my skin tone and really wish I had gotten one of those. Sadly, I really love the NYX Jumbo pencils so it sucks this one is useless to me. Fortunately, they’re cheap so I can always buy it myself without the expensive makeup guilt I often feel when I spend tons of money on one makeup product.

Be A Bombshell Lip Gloss in Kiss Off ($14)
Ofra Lipstick in Berry Sexy ($13)
Dermalogica Renewal Lip Complex sample

I love the BaB glosses so this was a happy surprise for me. The colour is awesome and I’m stoked for this. The Ofra looks very dark but it’s actually just sheer enough that I can blend it out and make it work for me. It’s a grape colour and I really like it. I tried it with some of the Afterglow on top and the colour was really nice. I’ve never tried the Dermalogica but I’ve heard good things about it so I’ll definitely be trying this.

The Ofra smells amazing but it has no detectable flavour. The Korres has a mild, minty aroma. None of the others have an aroma that I can detect. The Korres and LaSplash have a minty taste but not a burn. They’re not lip plumpers. The others have no detectable taste. The Nabi pencil isn’t as smooth as I would like but the colour is great for me.

All in all, I absolutely love this box and Lip Factory has gained a loyal customer in me. I hope they keep up with the excellent boxes. Between the great products and the fantastic customer service, this is one subscription box I feel really good about and now I can’t wait for April’s box!