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My last Glossybox (maybe)


Glossybox keeps annoying me in small ways. I have no idea why they roll out shipments in dribs and drabs. I hate it that some people get theirs before others. I don’t get the point in shipping that way. And the customer service was just plain bad. I got to the point where I was kind of afraid that they had my credit card info. I cancelled for February for two reasons: 1. Sucktastic customer service. 2. It was a shitty box with nothing I might use.

I got sucked back in for the March box because they sent me a promo code for an eyeliner which included a spoiler for the Modelco Cheek & Lip Tint. It retails for $24+ and that covers the box cost and then some. Also, I understand that gb has stepped up their customer service from horrible to less horrible. In the end, it turns out March is a good box. Glossybox is $22 per month.



Elite Models liquid eyeliner in Matt Brown – $15.00. I’m going to try it but I’m scared of liquid eyeliner. I’m like a T-Rex having a seizure when it comes to that type of thing.

Modelco Cheek & Lip Tint in Rosy Red – $27.31 on Amazon. I’m happy for this mostly to try on my lips.

Pixi Glow Lid Last Shadow Pen in Shell Sheen – $11.99 on Amazon. It’s got a lot of shine and sparkle which is never a good thing for old chicks like me. I might try it under my eyebrows as a brow definer.

Prestiche Essential Oil Bar Soap in Yin Yang – $17.99. It smell like eucalyptus which reminds me of Vick’s Vapour Rub. Um, just no. On top of that, I don’t like bar soap. They’re messy. I’ll see if one of the kids wants this.

Sebastian Shaper Fierce Hair Spray – $2.10 ($14.35 full size 10 oz on Amazon.) I like Sebastian products and I really need a new hairspray so I’m happy for this.

Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Flinch – $20.63. This was the promo item. On the site it’s called a charcoal grey but it’s actually brown with a grey hue. It’s a hard, dry pencil and I can tell it will be a bitch to get on. I’ll give it a try; maybe I’m wrong. I wish I had used the code to get the lipstick instead.

The only item that wasn’t full size is the Sebastian hair spray which is a deluxe sample at 1.5 oz. There is also a $40.00 gift certificate to use on the Prestiche website. There are several types of items that go for $40 or under but shipping is $12…no matter what you buy. A single soap is $18 with $12 shipping. Ridiculous! If anyone wants this certificate, let me know and I’ll send it to you.

The value of just the product is $95.02. If you add in the gift certificate, that brings the overall value to $135.02. My $22 turned into $95.02. You just can’t beat these subscription boxes for their value. Depending on what I see for April spoilers, this might not really be my last box. I just keep getting sucked in.


Cool stuff


I got my Out of the Box, Ipsy, Lip Factory Inc (referral #27546) and Love With Food box this week. There was some awesome and not so awesome stuff but I love, love, love these subscription boxes anyway!

Firstly, Out of the Box is a conglomeration of items made by Etsy shops. There was a lot of tarts, candle type items and a few odd but cool things. Click to enlarge each image.

It came very nicely packaged with a card and list of shops the items came from.

There was a lot of stuff. ootb6 ootblg

I took it to my daughter-in-law’s house and we unboxed it together. It was a ton of fun to unbox…so much interesting stuff.


Raspberry delight bath salts- creative fusion
3 mini handmade soaps- mind body and soul soaps
Cherry chip cake tart cup- candle confectionery
Heart pin- eclectic aims
gift tags- just a bit of paper
Soap sample- festive soap
bead drop earrings- the jewelry box
Mardi gras goat milk sample- red dragon apothecary
Strawberry shortcake tart- ugly duckling designs
Love my feet callus remover soap- ps i love soap co
Red heart earrings- Alaska stixs n stones
Filigree Heart and pearl earrings- kyotes kreations
Heart magnet-caffeinated papercuts
Lavender massage oil- one-derings
Caramel popcorn- bubbas sweets
grape sucker-ju-c suckers
Wax melt- blood touch
Strawberry cream wax melts- bath and body by anthea
Love spray- joie joelle creations
Strawberry chocolate wax melts- zaleksi creations.
Fortune cookie shaped purse with a really cool green sparkly pendant stone

Would I buy it again? Maybe once or twice a year. It’s a lot of stuff for $25 and I didn’t feel ripped off. What I didn’t want, my daughter-in-law and stepdaughter took.

Next up is Lip Factory Inc. This one is $22 per month. This has quickly become my favourite sub. I love the stuff in the box but more than that, I love the customer service and the company’s facebook presence. It’s really awesome how responsive they are.


I got a ​29 Cosmetics Wine Blot Lip Therapy lip stick
29 Cosmetics Reserves Moisturizing Lip Stick in Stompin Grapes
​Nabi Cosmetics Lip Liner in hot red
29 Cosmetics Lip Stick Case
LaSplash Mineral Powder Eye Shadows in Black Sea, Oyster Shell and Hula Hula
​29 Cosmetics Skin Care Sample which is actually a skin care system with all 4 parts in little plastic pots on a card
a mini kabuki brush
a Smashbox lip gloss and an all-in-one brow/lash/liner brush (not pictured) because they mistakenly didn’t send a brow brush in last month’s box so they sent a better brush and a nice little lip gloss to make up for it. I’m very happy with this box and I’ll use everything.

Next up is Ipsy. It’s $12 a month. ipsy
I got a Mica Beauty gel eyeliner in black
A lash card
Coastal Scents mini eye shadow quad
Pixie flawless and poreless primer
POP Beauty Smokey Lash Kapow Mascara
Going by the forum, the mascara sucks. I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know. I won’t use the eyeliner but I liked the eye shadow although they are teeny tiny. The primer is pretty good. The lash card is pretty useless. Overall, it’s a decent bag.

Lastly, the Love With Food box. It’s $10 a month but I got it for $2 with a promo code. Everyone who bought the February box gets a free year of Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine. lwf

Hagensborg milk chocolate peanut butter truffle piglet and milk chocolate caramel truffle piglet
Funny Face naturally flavoured cranberries
Beanfields pico de Gallo bean & rice chips
BobbySue’s Nuts original nuts
Millie’s Savory Teas tomato basil sipping broth
Nektar Naturals nectar honey crystal
Ier’s Squares chocolate with all natural valencia peanut butter
Donsuemor chocolate madeleine

I would not have subscribed to this without the promo code. Food boxes don’t interest me at all but for $2 I liked it. The stuff was interesting and most of it was tasty. I can’t figure out why anyone would need to eat crystalised honey and I’m not a fan of gummy type candy which is what the cranberries were like but I would say that if you like this type of thing, it’s definitely worth $10.

I did get the Man Repeller curated Glossybox as well but I didn’t take pictures. It was a very nice box but I cancelled them anyway, what with the brouhaha over them randomly replacing things with stuff not endorsed by Leanne (of Man Repeller,) the fact the boxes were so late and the continuing customer service horror stories. Their customer service scares the crap out of me and I’m unwilling to trust them with my credit card number.

Overall, I am pretty happy with this month’s subs!