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I got my Ipsy box and the $1.95 try-it box from Conscious Box today. Ipsy made me happy, Conscious Box made me go “WTF!”


The cute pink & white Ipsy bag contained:

Sation Nail Lacquer in Love At First Byte, a sheer peachy colour. I like it.
Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder I don’t know about this stuff. I’m going to have to research how to use it. I assume it’s like dry shampoo only loose powder.
Be A… Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks. This is a great colour for me.
Two Cosmetics Eye Shadow Duo in Heartache. Pink colours, one matte, one shimmer. I might like this.

There were only 4 products this month which is on the light side for the Ipsy bags but the last couple of months have seen less than the normal amount of products. It’s still worth the $10 I pay so it’s all good.

Next up is Conscious Box. I read on Makeup Talk board about the $1.95 try-it special so I figured I’d give it a go. What a pile of crap. For real. There’s a couple of things in here that I might use but seriously, I would never ever ever pay $20 a month for this. I assume their demographic is the earthy, crunchy, tree-hugger, vegan, vegetarian, organic, all natural, bark and twig eating types. Bleh.

Safonique Lavender Sea laundry detergent…I’ll use this.
Health Force Nutritionals Vitamineral Green 5.2…WTF? It’s some kind of powder. I have no idea what you would do with it. It says, and I’m not kidding, “Foundational, full spectrum, hard-core, alkaline, therapeutic, whole food bio-nutritive superfood complex for the entire body.” There is a list of about 30 ingredients including things like Nettle Leaf, Horsetail Sweetgrass, Amla Berry, Chlorella, BladderWrack, Alpha-Galactosidase and about 15 more. Once again I ask you…WTF?
Lafes deodorant stick…It’s one of those mineral rock deodorant things. I’ll stick with Secret Flawless.

Qspeed…this is CoQ10. 100mg. It says delicious orange-flavored tablets that dissolve in your mouth. I don’t know what CoQ10 does and I have no plans to eat this.
MRM 100% All Natural Whey in Rich Vanilla…it says it’s a dietary supplement. I say WTF.
Earthrise Spirulina Natural Green Superfood for Longevity 6 tablets (one day supply)…Let’s just say I’d rather die young than eat crap I have no clue what it is.
Organic Food Bar Chocolate Covered Active Greens…I don’t know what an active green is but hey, it’s covered in chocolate! How bad can it be? Bad. Really really really bad. It smells like dirty socks and it tastes like a combo of prunes, grass, a fuckton of brown sugar and what I imagine cow shit might taste like.

Seventh Generation Mandarin Refreshing Facial Cleansing Cloths (1 cloth)…Oooo! A brand I recognise! I’ll use these.
Totlogic Body Lotion…I assume with the name TOTlogic, it’s for kids although it says it’s “for the entire family. It’s lotion. I know what lotion is so I’ll probably use it.
Celestial Seasonings Blackberry Pomegranite Green Tea…Oooo! Another product I recognise! I’ll give this to Amber. She loves flavoured teas.
Coromega Omega 3+D Squeeze Tropical Orange…It says it supports bone, cardiovascular and immune health. Lovely. However, it’s some kind of liquid jelly type thing that you eat from a spoon. Just no. Really. No.

Peter Rabbit Organics-Banana and apple 100% pure fruit snack…I think this is some kind of puree that one drinks like a smoothy. I also think this is baby food.
Nurture Me Plump Peas Dried Organic Babyfood…I’ll give it to Chrissy. Maybe she’ll be brave enough to feed it to my grandbaby girl when she’s old enough to eat.

This box also came with 90000 flyers and literature for the products. The Health Food Nutritionals flyer makes me really want to eat straight up bacon fat and sticks of butter…at least I know what’s in that. I’d rather die than be healthy if that’s what it would take to live forever.

The Totlogic sheet lists some of its other products…Barklogic – a flea & tick product for dogs, Licelogic and Bedbuglogic. This company creeps me the fuck out. Seriously.

I would never deliberately put in my body 99% of the stuff in this box. Being healthy tastes like ass, makes you rub rocks on your underarms, feed your baby c-rations and pureed smoothies, slather yourself in lice lotion and eat unrecognisable green powder with bladderwrack in it. Oh hell no. Bring on the bacon fat. I’d rather die young, fat and happy.


Lotsa boxes!


I received my Ipsy, Love With Food and Nail Art Society boxes in the last few days. Some love, some hate, some meh. No matter what, I still love these boxes!

ipsy First up: Ipsy. This month was kind of unusual in that there was only 4 products. I think they count the 2 eye shadows as two separate pieces but I count it as one. Regardless, I’m happy with this box. It contained a Juice Beauty hydrating face mist, which I like and I enjoy the scent. There were two Yabi eye shadows, one in azalea and the other in seashell. I like the neutral colours so I’m happy with them. They are pretty light so I’ll probably use them wet. They’re also a bit on the chalky side but I can totally work with them. The GlamRX palette is cute and while small, I see it being very useful. It totals out to about $23 worth of product which while much less than past bags, it well exceeds the cost of the subscription by $13.

lwfNext up is Love With Food. I got this box for $2.00, it’s normally $10 and I suppose if you like this kind of stuff, it’s worth the money but after seeing it, I promptly canceled. This is stuff I would absolutely never eat. I don’t like funky weird snacks so this one had to go. Granted, the stuff is interesting but to me, it’s pretty inedible.
There was Dark chocolate orange good fortune cookie from Emily’s Chocolates
Granola from Ola! Foods
Chocolate covered wasabi peas from Chocwasabi
Fruit & veggie juice from Kids 50
Salted caramel baked corn from Cosmos Creations
Green tea infuser from Revolution Tea
Wholesome snacks from Mary’s Gone Crackers
Wild berry flat fruit from Wacky Apple


nasFinally, I got my first box from Nail Art Society. This box goes for $19.95 regularly but I got my subscription for $9.95 for as long as I stay subscribed. I would NEVER pay twenty bucks for this, ever. But at $10, I’m ok with it. I actually thought I got my money’s worth with this so I’m going to see how next month is. They have monthly themes and this month’s theme is “Freestyle.”

It included:
Nail Fraud nail polish strips in a black with white polka dot design. I’ll definitely try these.
NAS coloured bee bee balls. They’re like a mink brown colour. This is for doing caviar nails which I don’t know if I like those and I imagine that if I had rough stuff on my nails like that, I’d be picking at them.
NAS fruit nail art. These are basically orange slices just like the kind you can get in sticks that you have to cut. I’ll probably do a design with these.
NAS fabric flower nail art. They’re cute little pink flowers that lay flat on the nails. I will definitely use these.
3D ceramic flowers. These are pink flowers with white centers and a green leaf. They are hard and would stick out from the nail. I’m not a fan of big stuff stuck on your nails but they really are cute so I might give it a try.
3D bead drop nail art. They’re clear yellow beads, flat on one side. I’ll definitely use these at some point.

All in all, I’m happy with all that for $10. I seriously cannot believe they try to rip people off $20 for it though.

I should be getting Lip Factory soon. I got mine really early last month so this one is late. It seems like everyone has theirs but me. I’m jonesing here! I also resubbed for Glossybox because I’m a sucker for the spoilers. I hope it’s a good one!

Cool stuff


I got my Out of the Box, Ipsy, Lip Factory Inc (referral #27546) and Love With Food box this week. There was some awesome and not so awesome stuff but I love, love, love these subscription boxes anyway!

Firstly, Out of the Box is a conglomeration of items made by Etsy shops. There was a lot of tarts, candle type items and a few odd but cool things. Click to enlarge each image.

It came very nicely packaged with a card and list of shops the items came from.

There was a lot of stuff. ootb6 ootblg

I took it to my daughter-in-law’s house and we unboxed it together. It was a ton of fun to unbox…so much interesting stuff.


Raspberry delight bath salts- creative fusion
3 mini handmade soaps- mind body and soul soaps
Cherry chip cake tart cup- candle confectionery
Heart pin- eclectic aims
gift tags- just a bit of paper
Soap sample- festive soap
bead drop earrings- the jewelry box
Mardi gras goat milk sample- red dragon apothecary
Strawberry shortcake tart- ugly duckling designs
Love my feet callus remover soap- ps i love soap co
Red heart earrings- Alaska stixs n stones
Filigree Heart and pearl earrings- kyotes kreations
Heart magnet-caffeinated papercuts
Lavender massage oil- one-derings
Caramel popcorn- bubbas sweets
grape sucker-ju-c suckers
Wax melt- blood touch
Strawberry cream wax melts- bath and body by anthea
Love spray- joie joelle creations
Strawberry chocolate wax melts- zaleksi creations.
Fortune cookie shaped purse with a really cool green sparkly pendant stone

Would I buy it again? Maybe once or twice a year. It’s a lot of stuff for $25 and I didn’t feel ripped off. What I didn’t want, my daughter-in-law and stepdaughter took.

Next up is Lip Factory Inc. This one is $22 per month. This has quickly become my favourite sub. I love the stuff in the box but more than that, I love the customer service and the company’s facebook presence. It’s really awesome how responsive they are.


I got a ​29 Cosmetics Wine Blot Lip Therapy lip stick
29 Cosmetics Reserves Moisturizing Lip Stick in Stompin Grapes
​Nabi Cosmetics Lip Liner in hot red
29 Cosmetics Lip Stick Case
LaSplash Mineral Powder Eye Shadows in Black Sea, Oyster Shell and Hula Hula
​29 Cosmetics Skin Care Sample which is actually a skin care system with all 4 parts in little plastic pots on a card
a mini kabuki brush
a Smashbox lip gloss and an all-in-one brow/lash/liner brush (not pictured) because they mistakenly didn’t send a brow brush in last month’s box so they sent a better brush and a nice little lip gloss to make up for it. I’m very happy with this box and I’ll use everything.

Next up is Ipsy. It’s $12 a month. ipsy
I got a Mica Beauty gel eyeliner in black
A lash card
Coastal Scents mini eye shadow quad
Pixie flawless and poreless primer
POP Beauty Smokey Lash Kapow Mascara
Going by the forum, the mascara sucks. I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know. I won’t use the eyeliner but I liked the eye shadow although they are teeny tiny. The primer is pretty good. The lash card is pretty useless. Overall, it’s a decent bag.

Lastly, the Love With Food box. It’s $10 a month but I got it for $2 with a promo code. Everyone who bought the February box gets a free year of Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine. lwf

Hagensborg milk chocolate peanut butter truffle piglet and milk chocolate caramel truffle piglet
Funny Face naturally flavoured cranberries
Beanfields pico de Gallo bean & rice chips
BobbySue’s Nuts original nuts
Millie’s Savory Teas tomato basil sipping broth
Nektar Naturals nectar honey crystal
Ier’s Squares chocolate with all natural valencia peanut butter
Donsuemor chocolate madeleine

I would not have subscribed to this without the promo code. Food boxes don’t interest me at all but for $2 I liked it. The stuff was interesting and most of it was tasty. I can’t figure out why anyone would need to eat crystalised honey and I’m not a fan of gummy type candy which is what the cranberries were like but I would say that if you like this type of thing, it’s definitely worth $10.

I did get the Man Repeller curated Glossybox as well but I didn’t take pictures. It was a very nice box but I cancelled them anyway, what with the brouhaha over them randomly replacing things with stuff not endorsed by Leanne (of Man Repeller,) the fact the boxes were so late and the continuing customer service horror stories. Their customer service scares the crap out of me and I’m unwilling to trust them with my credit card number.

Overall, I am pretty happy with this month’s subs!