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Ivory & Influenster


I received a giant bottle of Ivory 2-IN-1 Hair & Body Wash from Influenster a little while back and I’m actually pleasantly surprised by it. When I think of Ivory, I think of the floating soap that my mother used on us when we were children but that I haven’t used since.

I really like the smell of the one I received which is the Refreshing Scent. It didn’t make my horribly dry skin feel drier which is very surprising to me. I didn’t use it as shampoo because my hair is coloured and I’m unwilling to use anything on my hair that isn’t specific to coloured hair.

My husband loves the stuff. He thinks it’s awesome that he doesn’t need two bottles of shampoo & conditioner and he loves the scent.

I will definitely be buying this for him again. I don’t think it’s for me but it certainly is a good product for guys and kids. It’s also very inexpensive which is always a plus. I’m glad I received and tried this product. It’s definitely worth checking out. I recommend you do!